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Ready to join an online casino? Well, before you get started, our guide will talk you through some facts and information you will need to know. We have a selection of online casinos for you to pick from and details of why they surpass any other options which are out there on the Internet.

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A lot can happen in the space of two years, one minute there are no casinos, now there are dozens of them. So, which are the best ones to join? How has this change come about? Well, this guide was made to help explain all there is to know about the South African casinos which are now readily available for you to join.

We created this platform to help you experience the best there is in the world of online gambling. We have inside of this website links to the best online casino sites, access to free casino games, information of free bonus offers and much more that tell you about the brilliant opportunities that are now available to players based in South African regions.

Trusted online casino South Africa operators

As many of you will know, the past only provided the option of sports betting and the South African national lottery as a means to gamble, heading into the future, "this is all about to change in the blink of an eye" as use as a proverb. The world of online casinos is firmly within the South African market. Online operators all over the world are getting approval from the NGB in South Africa to allow their services to be used by national players.

The flood gates now open, with thousands of online slots being accessible, live casino games and much more are the games which take South African online gambling into a direction it has not fully experienced before.

If you are or were not fully aware of the gambling laws, then allow us to inform you of the simple facts. The gambling act in South Africa wen unchanged since it was first planned decades ago. The laws were only beset upon land-based casinos, no mention of online gambling, until the act was updated in 2017. Online gambling is not illegal or banned in South Africa, however, for those wishing to take part must do so through online casinos which are not registered in South Africa. In short, players must play overseas!

Legal South African online casino operators from around the world

We have a list of online casino South Africa platforms you can join that meet these legal terms. These top 10 online casino sites are licensed and approved operations with offer the best south African casino experience online. These are indeed ‘overseas’ casinos. They are licensed sites which are registered and run from central Europe, they feed the rest of the world because this law was the same for every country, up until the point of governments waking up realising that the Internet existed and gambling online was a real possibility.

Playing inside of overseas casinos is no different than ordering something online and having it be shipped over to you. The process is secure and safe and if you had not been told of the situation, you may have not noticed.

Providing the best online casinos and their games

So, how does this process work when it comes to overseas betting and is it safe? The process is very simple despite the many strict requirements which face any casino going through the licensing process. For an online casino to form it must have a license, it then can become a registered business.

For many casinos based in Europe, there are two main licensing bodies. One is the UK Gambling Commission and then you have the Malta Gaming Authority. Once the casino has passed the checks and regulations, they are able to approach bodies such as the National Gambling Board and request to have their site available to players in the country they represent.

The National Gambling Board has legislated the industry on SA territory which can be found on their site and the casinos need to fulfil strict compliance requirements.

With approval, the casino has legal right to be a service to players, in this case, those in South African territories. A fee is paid by the casino and this tax on the site goes back into public spending.

That is the short version of events which has led many sites becoming South African casinos. They are fully legal, approved, supported and regulated. This is the protection you have and assurance that what you win you will get to keep no matter the amount.

Ready to join the best online casino South Africa has?

Now you have all the best casinos online ready to join, what can you expect? Firstly, you have a secure platform which passes all regulations, with this, you get the following… The latest security software that is in date! You get games which are tested for fair play.

The bonuses you can opt to use will have been checked over to make sure they are honest in their advertisement and that players actually get honest value for what they promise.

This is the foundation of quality service that you will get. Everything is in order and in place as it should be with the high standards the industry of legitimate gambling puts on itself.

Claim your bonus for free South African casino games

Once you step into the world of online casinos, what is clearly apparent is the scale and magnitude of the games available to play on. The online casino is a hub of action and entertainment. For the first time, players can enjoy online slots, virtual table machines for video poker, online blackjack and more. The casinos will provide live gaming experiences where you can play against the dealer and other members on the classic tables like roulette and craps.

The option of sports betting is now on a global scale with every game, match and fixture available across all sporting events.

There is a lot going on and this will only grow and develop within these top 10 casinos, as the next steps are to bring in online virtual gaming to the members.

Take a look inside yourself, head to the top 10 list linked to this home page and discover in more detail what each site offers from the reviews we have added. Also, look out for the free welcome bonuses that you can play with to help you win more money for free from your favourite casino games.